B2B Lead Market Research

Craft a B2B lead database and combine it with in-depth research on leads to enhance conversions at the bottom of the funnel.

B2B Lead Market Research

How it works

Step 1

Preliminary examination

Acquiring unique data for high-quality lead generation
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We obtain an Ideal Customer Profile from your sales team.
Our expert procures 20 test leads that meet your Ideal Customer Profile for an initial assessment.
We evaluate the estimated number of companies that fit the Ideal Customer Profile to determine the Total Addressable Market.
We assess the feasibility of your project and the potential opportunities it presents.
Step 2


Acquiring insights to quicken your sales funnel
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Refining the strategy to allocate resources and sales research tools effectively.
We ensure that each Ideal Client Profile aligns with your ROI objectives and makes business sense.
Our team cross-checks our research with your current client base to eliminate redundancies and prevent marketing to existing clients.
Step 3


Building collaboration between our teams
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Within 48 hours, our research team delivers 50-100 test leads for your approval.
We gather your input and evaluate the effectiveness of our strategy.
We always conduct A/B testing of multiple Ideal Client Profiles. The lead generation process is adjusted accordingly to ensure the best possible results.
Step 4


Initial leads, initial reports, and initial adjustments
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Making necessary changes to the strategy based on feedback and performance.
Our Account Manager presents 2-3 new Ideal Client options for you to consider.
We ensure your success by promptly implementing all necessary improvements within 24 hours to prevent delays in outreach campaigns.


Prospects Research
Starting from $1200
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What's included:
Up to 1000 High-Quality Leads
85%+ Valid Emails
3% Approx demo rate
1% Approx close rate
Service Duration:
1 Month
Advanced Prospects List
Starting from $2500
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What's included:
Up to 2000 High-Quality Leads
95% Valid Emails
5% Approx demo rate
1% Approx close rate
Service Duration:
1 Month
Custom Prospects list
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What's included:
Custom number of leads
Choose your target validity

Service Duration:

Extra Perks

Lead Research

Each package comes with lead research and enrichment services as well as a dedicated research specialist from Closely.


Our experts will help you analyze and come up with an ideal customer profile before building a prospect lists.


Weekly strategy calls with our team and timely support via instant messaging channels.

Monitoring and delivery

Closely will deliver new leads on a weekly bases and regularly monitor the deliverability of your campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make sure that those appointments are fulfilled?

Once the lead expresses interest in meeting, our appointment setter suggests open time slots from your calendar and schedules the meeting accordingly. We send a reminder to the lead prior to the call to confirm the appointment. If the lead does not show up, we reach out to them and suggest rescheduling options until they are available.

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What criteria do you use to qualify leads?

For us, qualified leads or appointments are meetings with prospects who precisely fit your Ideal Customer Profile, have the authority to make decisions, and demonstrate an interest in your offerings.  Although we cannot guarantee they will sign up or make a purchase soon, they are thoroughly screened and ready for you to discuss business with them.

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Whose property are the leads you have located for us?

All leads that we source for you are your property. Our agreements contain this provision to ensure you feel confident and secure

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What are the service fees for your offerings?

Our service pricing is determined by several factors, such as the number of SDRs involved in booking appointmnet activities, numbers of potential database and target volume of meeting.  Additional outbound services you require in conjunction with appointment setting, and more. To provide you with the best value for your investment, we analyze your specific circumstances and develop a customized solution. In order to have full picture, please go to the services packages here

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After commencing the engagement, when can I expect to see the first outcomes?

Our appointment setting company guarantees to provide you with a specific number of appointments with potential customers over a set period. Although you may see initial results in the first few weeks or months, external factors such as industry specifics or seasoning may impact our efforts and delay the outcomes.

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