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“What can I do to scale my demos and sales?”

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Сontact Data
Company Data
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Lead Prospecting
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Scheduling appointments
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Dedicated SDR team
Sales Orchestration
Copywriting automation

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What our customers say about us

"Fantastic Tool"

The UI is great which makes it a pleasure to use and they make it simple to use whilst packing impressive features such as messaging contacts from a LinkedIn group, tagging messages and having a unified inbox to manage replies.

Jamie L
CEO, Founder & Lead Generation Specialist

"Possibly the easiest to use LinkedIn tool I've ever seen!"

Closely is super-easy to use. I've used any LinkedIn tools in my time, at least half are complicated to use. Closely isn't. The support is very good. I receive solid responses typically within an hour

Tom W
Superior B2B Sales Coaching

"All you need for LinkedIn in one package"

I love that Closely has the tools I need to reach my clients on LinkedIn, is consistently adding more features, and is not CRAZY expensive like the alternatives.

Jennie H
Sales and Service Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

What methods do you use to acquire leads?

Our access to numerous open data sources like Google, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Techcrunch, etc., allows us to collect data piece by piece manually. Each data point is then verified by our Research Team, ensuring that all of our leads are current, new, and tailored to your Ideal Customer Profile

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How do you define a qualified lead or appointment?

For us, qualified leads or appointments are meetings with prospects who precisely fit your Ideal Customer Profile, have the authority to make decisions, and demonstrate an interest in your offerings.  Although we cannot guarantee they will sign up or make a purchase soon, they are thoroughly screened and ready for you to discuss business with them.

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What is the timeline for getting started?

We have created a distinctive and streamlined onboarding process that takes just 7-10 business days from the kick-off call to the launch. Our clients only need to invest 2-3 calls and 4-6 hours of their time to bring our team up to speed on their Ideal Customer Profile and Value Proposition.

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Is there any guarantee on the number of appointments you will set?

As an acquisition partner, we stand out by offering guarantees. We will let you know how many monthly appointments we can schedule in your industry and recommend the most appropriate pricing plan before you sign up an agreement with us

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What is the estimated timeline for our first leads/appointment?

In many cases, appointments start coming in during the 2-nd week of our partnership, but there are times when we observe the first appointments in the 3-d week (depends on industry). It's worth noting that our standard subscription period is 6-12 months.

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What are the consequences if you're unable to meet the commitment?

Looking at our performance across 5,000 campaigns in 50 industries for 1,000 clients, we've determined that our average conversion rate from a Lead to an Appointment is 1-2%. As a result, we would expect to see 5-10 appointments booked from 500 leads.

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What tools are provided for me to follow the development of my campaign?

Our team will designate an Account Manager to update you on a daily basis via Slack, and during a weekly sync-up call. Additionally, we will create detailed marketing reports through Google Data Studio or alternative software to provide extensive insights into the development of your campaign.

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